Sábado 08/06/2019 · 12:00h
Club Natació Barcelona
Wave forms
Alexandru Costin
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The debut exhibition of Alexandru Costin, as a tribute to the surf and skate language that taught him to see and feel moments in more contrasting way. 

Alexandru is 29 and he is currently living in Barcelona, originally from Bucharest, his hometown where he skated all his childhood. 
Alexandru searched all his life ways to express himself, and since 3 years he dived into photography, making videos and traveling as much as possible. He feels that nothing lasts forever and he finds valuable capturing unique moments and trying to express that energy through movement, textures, colors, or whatever he has available to use and conserve those feelings. He finds it interesting to go at the same places at different times to see how the energy of the place it is changing. For him, it is important to work on how we see and feel the simple moments in life, where the real magic is. 
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